- Protecting One's Investment

Expert high resolution reproduction of art is essential whether for condition reports, insurance and taxes to compliment one's fine art appraisal.

Original too fragile or valuable to display? Exact reproductions can serve as surrogates while originals remain secure. Enjoy viewing your artwork while the original is protected

--Catalouge Raisonne´
Need more research and analytical documentation? A complete catalog including provenance, condition reports, and high-res capture serves as an invaluable tool in the areas of estate planning, probate, and scholarly research. Charitable donations of published catalogs can provide significant tax deductions thereby offsetting the costs of publication

- Technical Consultation

--Image Capture
Perhaps publication-grade images are over-kill or will they prove to be critical? Let's find out.

--Digital workflow
Implementation of appropriate hardware and infrastructure is only a first step, availability of human labor, learning curves, and process refinement are often overlooked during planning stages.

- Needs Assesment

--Asset Management
Long term storage and back-up strategies for digital media are crucial. While analog media tends to decay gracefully, digital media is often rendered irretrievable upon the slightest corruption. Safeguard your files!


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