Textures, patinas and the symmetry found in nature are a huge source of stories for me. You know...  like finding the shapes in clouds when you were a kid.  All of these images were born from some smirk of recognition on my part. But then, that's just my mind at the steering wheel, most of these things are quite content to remain buried in the mundane. The desire to share this muse has met fertile ground in the world of pixels. Turns out the digital realm makes it somewhat easier to coax the narratives into a state of visibility. In the days of analog, i.e. film, chemistry and lots of plumbing, sharing these little anecdotes boiled down to what you could capture on film and transfer to other light sensitive materials. Pixels, as opposed to grains silver or dye, definitely provide leisure and greater license in tweezing out the details of what got my attention in the first place. Of course, once you see them, your own narrative comes into play and all bets are off.



© 2007 Jobe Benjamin