The naked human form has always been a rich source for artists of all disciplines. The desire to depict something so universal, owned by everyone, yet rarely seen at large, has been with us as a species from the beginning. Photography occupies a unique niche as a means of depiction and study owing largely to its tight connection to reality. Graphic works produced by the human hand  rarely match the level of subtlety and fidelity found in a photograph. However, a photograph often lacks insight as to the perceptions and intentions of the creator and subject. In this respect, photography for me becomes a bit of a "one trick pony" in that it does a fantastic job of relaying my subject in a physically accurate manner, but falls short in conveying the emotional range of the image. The bulk of my work with nudes was originally done in black and white and then hand-colored. This process allowed for more expansion and exploration of mood and narrative than I felt could be achieved with straightforward photographic processes. Modern digital techniques have only served to enhance this pursuit allowing me to create images that I could only dream of in the days of analog.




© 2007 Jobe Benjamin